13 Best huge anal sex toys with real size review

Hello, When you click on my Blog, You want to know what the fuck, Huge anal sex toys! Or, may be you are going to find best sex toys for you.

My Blog main suggest for you are:

First It blog content only Huge dildo and where best Price and shop (By true customer review).

Second what are true size of all sex toys?

Thirth What feeling of all this?

Fourth Suggest Important Consider before buying! By my experience! 

I am Khoa, who loves dildos and fisting. I play sex toys from begin to now, fistee bottom.

I kind every sex toys, experiment from bleed, tear to pleasure and orgasm when play it.

Everyone is a newbie and everyone can have the pleasure of being a master of every niche.

Journeys are so fun 

Huge Dildo

Doc Johnson 10 Inch Dual Density Cock – with Removable Vac-U-Lock Suction Cup Base – F-Machine Compatible Dildo

Price: 54,04$

Feature: Suction Cup Base can remove for free-playing

Real size

Source From Amazon customer review

Cheapest Huge Dildo In The World

9 Inch Realistic Dildo, Body-Safe Material Lifelike Huge Penis with Strong Suction Cup for Hands-free Play

Price: Cheapest

Feature: Suction Cup base

Huge and lenght

Real size

Not Enough Big?…….Here

Pipedream Products King Cock Chubby, Tan, Tan

Price: 51,67 $

Feature: Huge and not too lenght.

Have Suction cup base.

Real Size

Source From Amazon customer review

ZYAA Super Big Size Realistic Dildo, 3.15Inch Huge Penis Suction Cup Base,

Price: 45,77 $

Feature: Huge and lenght.

Have Suction cup base.

Real Size

Enough big????

Raging Rhino 17 Inch Veiny Dildo – Black

Price: 81,99$

Feature: Extremely Huge and Lenght

Have Suction cup base.

Real Size

Source From Amazon customer review

And Final Reallllly Hugeeeeeeeeeee

Hugest Dildo in the world

Price: I dont Know

Feature: Not For Human

Real Size

Sourch Huffpost

Source I can not find, Who is playing it.

Fist Dildo

Doc Johnson Belladonna – Magic Hand – 11.5 Inch Hand and Forearm – For Vaginal or Anal Fisting – Black

Price: 44,87$

Feature: Slim, not suction cup base

Real size

Source from Amazon customer review

And Bonus

Master Series The Fister Hand & Forearm Dildo

Price: 34$

Feature: Have suction cup base

Real Size

LZYAA Super Big Size Horse Dildo

Price: 35,99$

Feature: Very Long 17 inch.

Powerful suction cup base.

Real Size

Sourch By Amazon custumer review

Best butt plug

Doc Johnson Butt Plug 100% for beginner

Price: Cheap

Feature: Suction Cup base

Easy insert for beginner

Real size

Doc Johnson Butt Plug for beginer love stretcher

Price: Cheap

Feature: Suction Cup base

Easy training ass hole

The Destructor Butt Plug

Price: 47$

Feature: Really huge

Not for beginner

Real size

Best Fucking Machine Sex Toys

Price: 90 $

Feature: Combo of many things in 01

Speed low to super fast

Can he destroy your ass?

Consider before buying!


Extremely stranger orgasm feel

Many playing positions!

The feeling of accomplishment when training stretches your anal hole

After training You can play fisting, 2,3 cock in your hole, rosebud, 


Hard for beginner

Be careful, it can cause tearing of the anus


Addicte huge anal sex toys

1. Consider your Favorite!

Each type of Huge anal sex toys has a different feel when playing.

You love Big and long, only big, or only length, Or you like to stretch your ass from small to big with one dildo. Do you like to play with a partner, self playing or both? 


Horse dildo not too big but too length, You can feel it too deep in your stromat

Dragon anal dildo extremly big and length – Extremely pleasure and hard for play.

Plug can stretch your ass and you can plug full day, out door.

Fisted dildo feel like fist – with big hand destroy your anal.

Thick and curve dildo Balance, Pleasure and feel like a big dig but it is very big.

Ball sex toys feel like you poop a big, When you push it out, feeling very good, and you your ass not gape a hole (very good for record clip you play) ( hard for insert).

Unique dildos have a unique feeling.

2. Consider Result

When you play big, you may not like to play small anymore! 

You may not like real cock than sex toys!

Rosebud or gape

Bleed in the beginning ( To void that you must play carefull, Don’t be excited)

( Before I liked ride cock, now I only like big sex toys)

3. Beginners consider!

Question for beginner: Can I play Huge anal sex toys?

My answer: Yes and No

If you are Beginner and before, you can only play small dicks (never too 2 inch wide and 10 inch length). You much training your ass step by step (with bigger sex toys) before play huge anal sex toys.

With big ass huge dildos beginning play cause small bleeding, with small ass can cau big tears, Must be careful!

My guide detail for beginner here: How to play Huge anal sex toys step by step (for beginner).

4. Consider your Budget!

The most wasteful is chose too big, too small or not favorite sex toys and you can’t play or not Satisted.

Please Consider one more time and choose your best favorite dildo play many many years with him!


Mastering huge anal sex toys is one of the greatest achievements in a bottom’s sex life that can be achieved. It is the happiest and most joyful journey you can ever go on.  

Day by day I could see and feel my ass stretches with a pleasure that no real penis could give me.

I love It

Choose your own and taste it

Best way Best Pleasure when play Huge anal sex toys.


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