Homemade Prostate massager – Lusty gay guide for Howto play ( Beginner to Fistee hole)

Homemade prostate massager are tools for anal masturbation, made from home and easy-to-find

homemade prostate massager
Homemade prostate massager

When I was a beginner playing anal, I often got scratched and worried when I played. My main concerns at that time were:

Beginner play homemade prostate massager
Are you new to anal-holes like me? Or easier than me?


Our main guides are:

A beginner’s guide (step by step) playing homemade prostate massager to experiencing the first feeling of pleasure from your anal . The more you play, the more pleasure you will have.

Consider before Playing homemade prostate massager:

The price is extremely cheap and similar to the sextoy free trial package.

Before playing, you only need to masturbate your cock, after playing you need to have something to poke your ass.

May cause bleeding, slight scratches for newbies.

Increase the size of the anal hole.

Pros And Cons


Cheap or Free.

Experience pleasure anal play.

Training you gets used to anal play.

Knowing the current size of my anus can stretch?

Safe, know what you’re putting in? Where do the materials come from?

Self-creative, experience all kinds of sextoy.

If you don’t have sex, you can fuck anal yourself.


The sensation is not equal to sextoy, specially designed to stimulate increased anal pleasure.  (When I get used to sextoy, I personally feel that the sextoy from the shop is better)

The feeling of being with him for a long time (indeed, I play a toy that makes me feel good, I really like it, I play it every day, it feels

05 Best Homemade prostate massager:

1: Finger and self fist

Fingering is the most basic, from beginner to fisting, everyone plays with their fingers.  What’s important is how to play for fun

Remember: always remember to cut and file your nails before playing, to avoid scratches, reduce emotions when playing

2: Vegetables/fruits

Vegetable is the happiest and safest sextoy I have ever played.

The 4 best vegetable from beginner to advanced are





homemade prostate massager

The above 4 fruits have expanded their ass enough to play huge Dildo and even Fisting

There are also tomatoes, lemons, oranges

3: Marble ball

Imagine stuffing 5 marble balls into your ass^簞^ Then forcing them to push them all out

Available in many sizes from beginner to fistee

4: Chain steel

5: Bottle of water (not for beginner)

And finally: 

There are countless ways to make homemade prostate massager, important for you to pay attention to:

Safety (material, sharp or fragile) and The right size for you.

And The way you want to play

Riding a horse, thrusting like a dildo (vegetable, water bottle);

Pick the inside of the ass and actively stimulate the prostate (finger);

Put in and squeeze out (marble ball, orange, lemon);

Or put it deep into the ass and then pull it out (chain steel);

Next page is step by step howto play homemade prostate massager

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