Step by step how to clean butt before anal sex in the most pressure and safety way

Knowing how to clean butt before anal sex will help you feel more confident when playing. Especially, this step is usefull for anyone playing dildo over 8″.

Step 01 How to clean butt before anal sex.

Go to the toilet briefly, use toilet paper to wipe your ass, then take the shower to spray outside your ass and wash it with your left hand (optional you can skip this step)

Reason: mainly this step prepares the men who are about to poop in their pants, avoiding the disaster of the 2nd step when just holding the sprayer in, the poop is all over their hands (omg)

Step 02

Sit on the toilet like when you go to the toilet, hold the faucet with your right hand, squeeze it in front of the cock under the ass, put the toilet spray gun on the ass and press.

Tips: I see few people instructing this carefully. So I will guide you in detail on how I clean my ass.

  1. Place the sprayer close to the ass hole, do not press hard on the hat to avoid pain.
  1. If the faucet cannot adjust the strength of the spray. You can turn the valve small at the base under the water pipe connecting the faucet to adjust.
  1. You spray water until you feel its lower abdomen slightly stretched, then stop.

Note: You guys just cleaned for the first time, the ass hasn’t played much, maybe not used to it. Feeling that the spray does not come in, rest assured that it is normal, just wait patiently to spray, relax the sphincter, slowly come in on its own. (I had it too in the past).

Step 03

This stage is quite fun: You stand up and shake your butt, shake your waist, jump 1,2,3 until the inside wants to shit. Then sit on the toilet and enjoy – So pressure!!!


  1. If the house is empty, you can walk around the house, read books and watch TV. Until your stomach growls and run to the toilet.
  1. While the water has just filled up, you may feel the need for a bridge right away.  Drill!  hold back, until you can’t stand it anymore.
  1.  You can lie face down on the bed with your butt up – very lustful
  1. For who are difficult to clean inside like me: you can choose to walk or lie down on a couch

[The feeling of water in the ass every time you move it is also quite interesting!]

Step 04

Shit it once, it won’t be clean. I do it about 3, 4 times in about half an hour.

As long as I see loose stools and feel that it drains out completely inside and no longer see any swelling inside, that’s ok. Can be pushed 1 more time to check.

Step 05

After cleaning, rest for 15-30 minutes, then you can start playing.  My ass time was completely clean about 8.9 hours later.

[Enjoy Now]

Conclusion How to clean butt before anal sex.

This cleaning method can be addictive, later, before playing without cleaning, you will feel that something is missing.

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