Step by Step Howto play anal prostate massager

Are you looking for a pleasure way to play anal? Or you want to try fucking your anal hole but always have pain or bleeding while playing?

Below are 5 steps according to my experience when playing to easily taste pleasure and avoid pain and bleeding.

Step 1: Douching your bottom.

Not only clean, but also know how to wash happily and comfortably.

How do you douching your anal? My way is use shower to pump water into my bottom.

儭 You should adjust the water valve to small, get it slowly pumps into the ass, feeling the inside slowly spreading out.

Don’t pumping like fireman

How to comfortable when douching? My tips is, don’t wait 30m in Wc. After my belly full, I just go around the house, playing, or lying in bed watching sex. When my belly rumbles, I immediately run to the toilet.

Don’t let anyone share the toilet with you or it will be an inhuman disaster

Where is the pleasure?

First pleasure, feeling the water slowly pump into your ass, it expands the intestinal wall, it flows deep into you. ( A litter Bdsm)

The second pleasure is, of course, when you have a bowel movement.

Third pleasure, Feeling clean, comfortable and confident when playing.

If you do it the above way, then 2, 3 times the ass is clean and smooth.

How do you know it’s clean inside? The last time you spit it out, you’ll find clear water and your belly feel light.

What should I do if I still have something in my belly? Case 01 is still stool or water inside – the solution is to pump last time.

After doing that, why do you still have a feeling of obstruction? You are already clean, your stomach is not used to washing, that is normal. It’s okay to just play

Step 2: Howto insert into your ass

  1. Always with fingers first, after the ass is loose then play the other brother.
  1. Put on medical gloves
  1. Put a little gel that is slippery enough on the middle finger
  1. Use your fingers to gently dab the outside of the anus and then press it inward. Do not insert immediately, should click gently and slowly, let the ass hole relax on its own, then slowly insert.
  1. When you have entered your finger, if you feel pain, pause for a bit, leave your finger inside, breathe gently, watch sex movies, after getting used to it, start playing again.
  1. In my experience, after going inside, the best way to be both happy and pain-free is to wiggle your finger around inside the anal.  (This method is for finger, sextoy, or homemade sextoy, huge dildo, fisting)
I am not witch

Things Beginners Shouldn’t Do!

Shot 01 shot all in, determined you will be get hurt even bleeding, losing interest while playing (I used to)

Too aggressive – result 色地s above.

Do not clean the ass thoroughly before playing – Playing with toy feces, burning again.. quit the game.

Do not wear gloves when playing – skin infection (I used to be)

Step 3: Enjoy your ass

  1. With finger, stimulate to P. spot
Source Wikipedia

2. With vegetable

3. Dildo

4. Plug

5. Other sex toys for anal

Step 4: increase your pleasure

Watch porn or hentai (fuck, fisting, bdsm, gangbang.). When I play, I like to watch fisting movies the most, the asian twink rosebud, I just watch and imagine myself in it.

The pleasure when you masturbate anal, includes 3 main feelings: pleasure when prostate stimulation, pleasure when filling and stretching anal, pleasure when go deep inside. So you can taste:

Finger hook or homemade sextoy to the prostate gland.(photo)

Increasing size increases pleasure.

Can try long and deep types such as: Eggplant, squash, Huge dildos or Put a lot of marbles in the glove and put it deep.

Extra, when holding one hand to massage the nipple, pleasure flows through the whole body.

Using poppers, I use it very often. Hold the popper over one nostril, take a deep breath, then switch to the other nostril.  Hold deep in the lungs, slowly exhale, the whole body is fully aroused, the sexual desire is intense, the whole body is drunk, the ass will want to be plugged deep, strongly inside. The nipples craved to be plucked strongly, in the head imagining the most lewd images of themselves.

Tip: think of the pleasure and craving for anal like the guy in the porn, the pleasure will increase a lot.

Cannabis (legal).  (I haven’t played yet, so I’ll use the collected information)

Other ways, depending on your interests, you can consider: working with your lover, outdoor, gangbang, club….  (Remember the condom and be safe so you don’t regret it later)

Other case can occur and solution

Urinary incontinence while playing – It’s okay just because you’re too happy, the prostate stimulation is too intense.

When I take out the toy and see a little blood, it means you have a scratch. Every time I get a scratch, I take a break for 2-3 days to heal. (If I see lots of blood in the toilet, I go to the doctor – then he gives me a tube of cream to apply.)

After playing, the feeling inside is full and tight – Normally, like you do anal gym, signal you should take a break.

When playing, the feeling of wanting to go to the toilet, pushing out nothing – It is normal, I often suffer.

Burning and hissing feeling when playing – Due to the lack of lubricating gel, it should be used a lot.

Step 5: Sanitize after playing

 After playing, you have to clean your ass and toys.

 With ass: you can use a light shower once inside and it’s ok.

 With toys: you should wash thoroughly with soap and dry.

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