05 Easy steps how to prepare for pleasure anal sex. ( For beginner)

Want to find a way to prepare your anal before sex in a simple, safe and step-by-step way? As a beginner, when you or your partner have anal sex often being hurts, you want to know why people say it’s good?

I’m gay bottom, I’ve been doing anal sex for about 8 years now, I broke my virginity for the first time around 2014, it’s quite painful. Since I’ve been through countless times of being fucked, until now my tight entrance has been fisting. 


When I was a newbie, I also read a lot of websites that showed how to prepare for anal sex, but they didn’t say the details clearly about it or used tool language – It sounds good, but it can’t be done.

I had many questions at that time but didn’t know what to do. With my ass at that time, when having sex, sometimes there was pain and bleeding.

After playing for a long time, playing a lot, reading books about my tight entrance and body healthy….

Finally, I found how to prepare for anal sex simple and safe, from then on I played very easily and happily, until now I put a hand in my black-hole very easily. (Fisting)

Below are the three main parts of how to prepare for anal sex.

Part 01 My daily anal prep routine

Part 02: 05 Easy steps how to prepare for pleasure anal sex.

Part 3 Frequentl questions and answers for beginners.

Part 01 My daily anal prep routine (because I ride my dildo every day)

You know, once we get to the black-hole orgasm, we can’t resist this pleasure, the more we play, the more we enjoy, the more lustful you and I become. One day it’s really just super big cock , huge anal sex toys or fisting are enough to satisfy our sexual desires.

I am addicted to playing dildos and self-fisting every day.

My preparation schedule is as follows:

  • Usually I cut and file my nails 2 times a week to make them dull and avoid burning when playing with my fingers / fisting.
  • 02 h before playing, I started to prepare, because I play with a huge anal dildo and self-fisting, in order to avoid the problem of poop when playing, I have to clean 100%.
  • I used a shower to pump water deep into my black-hole, quite gently, comfortably. I poop the first time. Then I pumped again the second time and I walked around the house until the feeling of having to poop was unbearable. I go to the toilet to flush, I continue for the 3rd time.

Usually after 3 times of rinsing, my black-hole is completely clean, ready for the next step.

  • I went to the chair to rest for about 15 minutes to let it rest a bit.  (Tip here: In my experience, when the cleaning is done, give the ass a short break for 15 minutes – 30 minutes, so when playing it will not burn or get tired.)
  • Then I poured a little Gel on my finger, run my middle finger to my black-hole, circle around, then click inside. Once inside, I pull the inner circle around to make my black-hole gradually loose.
  • When first finger was easy, I increased to second fingers and then third fingers (still rotate and hook like this).

I like this step, because it’s so much fun. I also crochet against the prostate, experiencing the G-spot of the bottom.

I always watch porn while playing.

  • Then I stand my dildo on the floor, sat and dipped, I rubbed the cock-head right at the black-hole, just squeezing and clicking gently, a little bit of my black-hole opened, I sat down and pressed it down.  slowly, up and down slowly.  When the cock got all the way inside, I started riding it like crazy.

I ride dildo until I could not stop. Every time I played, I sweated all over my body.

After playing, I use toilet paper to clean my black-hole, wash my dildo with the sink faucet and soap.

I went into the tub to take the shower and gently sprayed my black-hole to wash it off.  Clean and comfortable shower.

That’s the end of my daily happy play.  After that, I usually sit at work or read a book while enjoying the feeling of my butt.

Part 02: 05 Easy steps how to prepare for pleasure anal sex.

05 easy step prepare for pleasure anal sex

Part 3 Beginner Frequently Questions & Answers

Why did I choose to use the pump to play?  I’ve played through anal pumps, enemas,… and found showering douching to be the simplest, safest and cleanest way to play,

  • The main advantage is that you do not need to insert the shower into the anal, just leave it in the ass-hole and then slowly spray water in,
  • 2nd, is that you can adjust the water pressure,
  • 3rd, is the amount of water large enough to easily pump deep, wash the feces in the intestines,
  • 4th, there is no need to worry about chemicals, plastic …..
  • 5th, Cheap.

I’m a beginner, I pumped but my ass was too tight and I couldn’t get in?  Be patient, and spray while pushing your ass as if you were pooping.

Note: Let the shower gently outside just touch the ass hole, do not try to push hard, it will hurt.

I’m a complete beginner, I don’t know how to spray to avoid damage? Adjust the shower valve to reduce water pressure to avoid internal damage.

Pumping deep is like, how do I know it’s deep inside? Just let the pump slowly release the ass, when you feel the water it creeps into your navel, that means it’s deep enough.

Beginner, what is the most important thing when playing finger?  Cut and file sharp nails, if your hands have open wounds, you should wear gloves, especially when playing with a partner (To avoid infection)

What is the best gel? Gels of natural origin or shortening for cakes

I carefully review the gels, including the special one that has a few dollars, you can play for a few months and it is not over.

Beginner one finger is also painful and not happy, what should I do?

The first is to have a lot of gel,

The second is not to rush, gently stimulate it like you are baiting, when ready, press in. When it hurts, pause. When ready, put it deep again to reach the end of your finger. 

Remember to hook the G point and wiggle it.”

How do I increase the number of fingers?  Put your index and middle fingers together, the same principle as playing with one finger, the difference is that when you’re all in, you can slowly spread your fingers out, wiggle inside the anus, follow your lead.

If I play huge anal dildo about 2″ in diameter or more, how many fingers do I need to prepare? Need 03 fingers, and you just wiggle inside your ass, play instinctively, wiggle wherever you are happy, and keep exploring. Break every nook and cranny in your ass.

When finished playing, Is it clean to wash only the outside of the anus?  Your anus’ main function is to poop, you can rest assured about it. In the end it’s just

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